The Interior Castle

Long before sainthood, Teresa of Avila sought inner peace amidst chaos, asking the ageless question of how does one live an interior life in an exterior world? Her questioning is just as profound today, at the 500th anniversary of her birth.

In this production, we follow the professional and spiritual journey of a female reporter in the 21st Century, as she seeks to uncover the mysteries of Santa Teresa and her relevance in the modern world. She explores the perspectives of Tomas Luis de Victoria and Gian Lorenzo Bernini among others, who were captivated by Teresa’s passion and vision. The reporter’s quest ultimately leads to reflections on the seven stages of prayer outlined in The Interior Castle, and are mirrored by seven musical movements in our production.

It takes many art forms to capture her immense impact, and Musica Aperta’s prismatic theatrical experience uses poetry, art, history, music and drama to celebrate Santa Teresa’s lifelong quest for union with God and how we all might follow her spiritual footsteps.


Original Music

Fred Karns, Pecantem Me Quotidie Variation

Haskell Small, The Golden Spear

Patrick Defossez, Les Sept Vitraux du Château Intérieur, n 7

The Interior Castle CD

The Interior Castle, distributed among the audience.
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The Interior Castle Original Music CD

Original Music was a gift for the musicians.

2015 Tour

May 29, St. Ignatius Church; Boston College
May 30, Carmelite Monastery of Boston
May 31, St. Theresa of Avila Parish, Boston
June 5, Lafayette, Louisiana
June 6, Houston, Texas
June 8, San Antonio, Texas
June 27, Washington, DC June 29, Mundelein, Illinois

Original Script: Allyson Currin
Stage Director: Scott Morgan
Video: Fatima Montes & Xavier Roca
Musical and Artistic Direction: Ignacio Alcover


Neelam Patel
Harry A. Winter


Violin: Sonya Chung & Chaerim Smith
Cello: Ignacio Alcover & Tobias Wernern
Clarinets and sax: Bobby Read
Musical and Artistic Direction: Ignacio Alcover

Technical Director

Alex Keen

Music by

Tomas Luis de Victoria Johannes Brahms
Federico Mompou
Olivier Messiaen
Fred Karns
Haskell Small
Patrick Defossez


Musica Aperta would like to express its deepest gratitude to the following:

Secretaría de Estado de Cultura de España for their time, patience, support and friendship on this long project.

Rosa Navarro Durán and Kieran Kavanaugh, OCD for their wealth of knowledge of “La Santa” and her times.

Sister Bernadette Therese, OCD and all the Sisters at the Carmelite Monastery of Boston. Thank you for your vision and your tremendous hard work. Without you none of this would have been possible.

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